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Jul, 2020

2020 Summer T-Ball Season Guidelines

Homewood Heights Baseball & Softball Club

Coed T-Ball – Summer 2020 – Guidelines

Homewood Heights Baseball & Softball Club is to host the Summer 2020 T-Ball Season while adhering to the CDC recommendations and the State of Illinois’ Phase 4 Guidelines.

✓ Before each practice and game all coaches, team moms, volunteers, and players must check into the Concession Stand with the T-Ball Director and have their temperature taken and give verbal agreement they are not experiencing any COVID related symptoms.
✓ Players and coaches are to distance themselves 6 feet apart as often as possible. When within 6 feet masks must be worn by all coaches, team moms, and all adult volunteers. Parents have the option if their child is to wear a mask or not and must let their child’s coach know their decision prior to the season starting.
✓ All coaches will be given a roster with all their player’s name, the parent’s mask preference for their child, and sanitizing guidelines. Each coach will keep track of player attendance to practice and games and submit attendance to the T-Ball Director so there is contact tracing in case of a positive COVID case.
✓ If any coaches, team moms, volunteers, or players experience any COVID like symptoms such as fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, chest pain, headaches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestions or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, or diarrhea they are to call off from practice and games for that entire week and report absence and symptoms to the T-Ball Director.
✓ If any coach, team mom, volunteer, player, or a member of the household of any of the mentioned league participants receives a positive COVID test result, they are to report this to the T-Ball Director.
✓ All parents and spectators that are not of the same household/family are to socially distance and sit/stand 6 feet apart during practices and games.
✓ All t-ball teams will practice on the same night, since our head count is under 50, rotating through practice stations that coaches are trained on so all players are taught basic skills of throwing, catching, hitting, fielding, and running.
✓ All league provided shared equipment is to be sanitized after each use during practices and games.
✓ Players can bring and use their own personal equipment such as bats and helmets. Players are not to share any personal equipment with any other players.
✓ Players hands are to be sanitized each time they enter the dugout.
✓ X’s will be put onto the dugout benches where the players are to sit as they wait for their turn to bat and to be called onto the field.
✓ Only Field 4 will be used for the 2020 Season.
✓ The indoor bathrooms will be open, cleaned and sanitized before and after each practice and game.
✓ Hand washing soap and sanitizer will be provided in the bathrooms.
✓ The Concession Stand will be open with a limited menu of bottled water, Gatorade, and individually pre-wrapped store-bought snacks.
✓ No handshaking, fist-bumps, or ‘all-in’ team chants where hand to hand contact is made. Teams can, while wearing masks, do an ‘all-in’ team chant while wearing and using their gloves in place of their hands. The end of the game line-up can proceed while wearing masks and using gloves in place of hands.
✓ No food or gum is allowed in the dugouts and fields. Players are to have their own drinks provided by the parent or purchased at the Concession Stand and must be labeled with the player’s name.

This document and guidelines can be updated at any time prior or during the season. Please refer to the most updated guidelines at

Brian Andreatta, President, [email protected]
Tom Estock, Vice President, [email protected]
Michelle Morales, Secretary & Concessions Manager, [email protected]
Jaclin Ewers, League Information Officer & T-Ball Director, [email protected]

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